We aim to build long term relationships though never look to provide you with a solution which offers a reliance on us. We will remain in your business for the time you need us.

We believe it is best to educate and train your people in HR best practice and then they will adopt it and use this knowledge to improve your business rather than this knowledge remaining with us. This is a better and more cost-effective solution for you and more satisfying for your people and fits with our business philosophy.

We will either spend time working within your business for a short period to complete a project or task though we believe it is always preferable to work with someone from your team, such that they learn and develop from that experience.

Alternatively, we can offer fun workshops or training courses, which come with real life practical examples, to embed the knowledge in any area of HR or leadership. Learning the theory without the practical knowledge means you often don’t know how to apply it when your back in the business, which isn’t ideal and just time-consuming.

We can also offer coaching or mentoring which can often make the difference between a good and great management team or individual.

If this sounds right for you:

HRtwo,HR, consultancy, training, learning & development
HRtwo, HR, HR consultancy, teamwork, educate, learning & development

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